Automation, Process, and Control Solutions

Our Process and Control Solutions


We are a network of local consultants focused on helping you design and deliver the right network for your operation, machines and customers. Bringing together an unprecedented combination of operation/plant-floor experience, network design expertise, the right products, delivery partners, and support. We are here to be your guide and bridge for the OT with the IT.

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Optimize your process and protect your assets with our experts and partners using modern distributed control technology and reduce risk, time and cost by automating a batch control system.

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With a constantly changing industry and processes, modernizing your operation is important to your production. We can help provide a broad range of control and automation solutions to specific application challenges through the use of local expertise in technologies, products and application needs.

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Our experience, assessments and partners’ safety products help protect your people, machinery, and environment. These products maximize uptime and are ideal for applications where personnel need access to hazardous equipment.

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Technology is constantly evolving, making manufacturing smarter every day. We are committed to helping OEMs use this technology to compete on a global scale, offering training and solutions that unleash the power of information to reduce commissioning times while building smarter, safer, and more secure machines. Our knowledge is your resource, and we know how to make your operation work for you, by…

  • Having Your Components in Stock
  • Decreasing Time to Market
  • Improving Integration and Standardization
  • Reducing Engineering
  • Informing on New Technology and Uses
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Our information solutions offerings use the smart assets in your architecture to improve collaboration on the plant floor and across the enterprise. Wherever you are on your journey to a connected enterprise, our offerings can help you connect, manage, validate, and optimize production. We offer manufacturing execution systems (MES), manufacturing intelligence and analytics applications, and information driven services. These services can help you accelerate your digital transformation and maximize the benefits of big data.

Rockwell Automation Historian

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